Discover The Simple Proven Strategies to Recession Proof Your Investments For The Upcoming Global Economic Crisis!

Dear Investor,

I remember it like it happened yesterday....
It was December 10th 2017, the day the first Bitcoin futures was to launch (CBOE) and I like many others had high hopes and was expecting this to affect the price of Bitcoin positively. After all Bitcoin already had an amazing run, most of my positions were bought at $2300-$2500 so I was already in great shape and would often slip away in a daydream planning how I was going to spend my millions!

Many of us back then had price predictions of $40,000+ for Bitcoin and it was well on its way, but as we all soon found out that wasn’t the case…

I will never forget what happened next, instead of the price continuing up, it started to reverse, and $20,000 was in fact the top. The next week there was the most violent swing I have ever seen in my life, price went from just over $19k to $10,900 and over that next month was the most volatility Bitcoin has ever seen!

During this same time ALL of the investments I had my money in started to collapse and what seemed like overnight I had lost $220,000 in my portfolio. I had built my authority in the crypto space by that time as a “Youtuber”, I still remember the live stream I did the morning my biggest investment collapsed in on itself and the development team ran. I probably sounded like such an idiot, trying to appear confident while deep down inside I was trembling with fear.

The knots in my stomach that morning and just about every morning after that for a month were measurable as I felt my future slip away! I lost over 10lbs during that time and was constantly sick…

It turned out that “they” had other plans for Bitcoin and when I say they, it turns out that was the US government and the big stock market operators worked together to stop the bull run.

CME Groups Leo Melamed stated on November 7th, 2017 “we’ll tame bitcoin”, seems a bit funny now to look back on a statement like that and realize he literally meant a month later they were gonna suck the life out of the bull run.

Recently ex-CFTC chair Christopher Giancarlo stated that the Trump administration acted to deflate the Bitcoin bubble of 2017 by fast tracking the introduction of futures products.
I only know of two people who called that top correctly, one of them I question on if it was a call or not, and the other was a blatant “sell now” call and it turns out that he has 50 years experience in markets.

Months later, after I shook off the depression, I made a plan! See I never wanted to feel like that ever again and I wanted to help others from making that same mistake!

I decided that I needed to understand how markets and economics actually worked, no more pretending and lying to myself by thinking I knew, it was in fact time to go off the deep end and apply my usual aggressive research approach.

And boy did I go off the deep end, see because deep down I felt like I was about to learn something that most of the world has no clue about and you know what? I was right! Most people have no clue how markets ACTUALLY work and the driving force to price action. This excitement drove me to long nights falling asleep with books in my hand or passed out drooling on my keyboard.

Long ago I learned you have to work your way down to the very core of a topic, the roots. So I started at the surface with learning the basics of TA and the different economic models (Austrian, Keynesian), then got lost in what I call “magical indicator land” where I spent some time thinking the problem was I just needed that perfect indicator. Thank God I didn’t get stuck in that for very long.

Then I devoured hundreds of hours of interviews and books from all the documented greatest traders to ever live! I even dove into hedge fund managers and studied the greats there for awhile looking for the patterns, the common traits or practices that led to the greatness.

I found something interesting during that time, these people barely used indicators outside of simple moving averages, they weren’t looking for a “magic trade system”, they were basing much of their trades off of understanding all the possible outcomes (up or down) and what would need to happen to cause that. From there they formulated their plan, decided how much they were willing to risk on the trade and when they would cut loose on a position. Then they executed!

I really liked this simple approach!

See they understood the structure to a market, the cycles these assets would go through and the big factors that drove price action.

I look around today and I see very few investors behave this way, I mean we are talking about less than 0.5% of them take this approach. The bulk of investors out there are losing and losing big every quarter!

Right now we have been seeing consistent S&P 500 all time highs (ATHs) yet the underlying fundamentals of the US economy are showing a clear sign of slowing down and in fact right now many are forecasting a 2020 recession, the pundits peg us at about a 34% chance currently...

In case you didn't know there is a 34% chance a 2020 recession is coming...
  • NY FED Overnight Repo Stimulus Will Continue Till January 2020
  • ​IMF head Kristalina Georgieva sees "serious risk" of Global slowdown as IMF cuts its 2019 global forecast to 3.2% (weakest since 2009)
  • ​Over 70% of economies IMF monitors have seen large interest rate cuts, Japan and EU in negative interest rates
  • ​There is now $15 Trillion in negative yields globally
  • Student Loan Debt tops $1.56 Billion
  • That's 44.7 Americans with student loan debt
  • ​11.5% of student loans are 90 days or more delinquent or in default
  • ​Over 7 million car loans are 90 days or more delinquent
  • ​The average auto loan term is approaching 70 months
  • ​The Average credit card interest rate is at 17% which is near ATHs for last two decades
  • ​Goldman Sachs estimates 12,000 retail store closures this year (according to Retaildrive 7,300 stores already closed)
  • ​The average mall vacancy rate has reached an 8-year high
  • 1 in 5 Americans are stashing cash at home over recession fear
  • ​Stock buyback programs were a lead cause of stock market ATHs in 2019, pumping an estimated $820 Billion into the markets
  • ​Insider Selling on pace for two-decade high
  • ​There is a 37.92% chance of recession in August 2020
  • ​Yield curve inversion on 3mo/10yr for first time since 2009
  • ​2yr/10yr Yield curve inversion which leads to recession 22 months later, according to data going back to 1978
  • The Average American commute grew to 27 minutes one way, with 4.3 Million workers commuting over 90 minutes
  • US House Flipping Returns hit 8-year lows
  • ​Billionaire Paul Singer stock piling over $2 Billion in cash for "cheap deals" during the next crisis
  • ​Billionaire Warren Buffett sitting on $122 Billion in cash, largest amount ever
  • ​42% of Global family offices (families with average wealth of $1.2 Billion) are quickly building up cash as of late summer
  • ​55% of Global Family Offices see a recession in 2020

The Average Investor Has Made Just 1.9% Over The Last 20 Years!

You know I have pages of data like what I shared above, I actually struggled to figure out which data points to share to really grab your attention, that's how much of this information is floating around out there right now if you have the time and know where to look. 

Here is the big fat issue with all of that though and that's data is cheap, and no I don't even agree with the old adage "knowledge is power", because its not! 

"Applied knowledge to ones life is power!"

Most people get caught up in what I call analysis paralysis for so long they never actually start! They have fallen for the belief that busy = productive and they must have all the data/information because after all, that's what a "savvy investor" would do right?

So they got the newsletters coming daily in the mail and the inbox is full of emails all shouting at you!

...One claiming you can make 10,431% on pot stocks
...The next one, make 6,451% on Crypto
...Next its another product for $5,000 or $10,000 taking you in another direction
...Another "insider" has a new system for you

Whats the point of getting all that crap sent to you, if you don't act on it! See they know exactly what they are doing, first they are never giving you the full picture and they know they have to fight for your attention by spamming you all day long, even if it drains your bank account while creating more fear and overwhelm!

Such an amazing dilemma, we have access to all this information, all this AI, and there is still an 87% losing rate! Let me ask you a question here?
A Recession Is Coming!
What Are You Gonna Do About It?
As I mentioned above, the average investor over the last 20 years has only made 1.9%, that is less than inflation (2.2% average) by the way and less than if you just parked it in the stock market, bonds, ETFs, your home or Gold! 
If the average investor has gotten that bad of a return over the last 20 years, how do you predict the next 20 years will go? If you assumed it would look similar to the above data then I would tend to agree with you. 

You want to hear something really crazy…? Over the last 10 years we have been in undoubtedly the largest bull run in history, we have had the lowest interest rates in over 100 years, banks are practically giving away money yet the average investor is losing!
Something is seriously wrong with this picture!

During 90% of the Obama admin rates were near zero, and during his administration the S&P saw a 140% ROI yet how many people actually were in that market, and how many were terrified on the sidelines because pundits sold them on fearing a black president. That happened non-stop for 4 years!

So far in the Trump administration there has been a 45% ROI in the S&P and we have hit ATHs over and over again, yet how many people are on the sidelines because pundits are once again selling fear? This time they got you believing a man with over 40 years of negotiation skills is dumb, won’t close a deal with China, is unhealthy and unfit to be your president.

Seeing The Pattern Here?

This is how I know for a fact that your average investor right now is once again overwhelmed, they are looking at too much information and over complicating their trading.

I think 90% of investors would be better off shutting down their emails, unsubscribing from all the alerts, creating new social accounts to just follow news and data, cancelling all the newsletters, shutting off the magic indicators and getting back to the basics.

Success leaves clues, so if literally all the top traders that ever lived and hedge fund managers are doing the exact opposite of you at some point you gotta question your program and what you are doing. It's not your fault though, we all fall into habits and grooves without realizing it and before you know it years go by with lackluster portfolio performance!

Furthermore we all always heard and have been taught that learning how to trade and invest is hard right? This is the mantra that has been echoed throughout time and that only a select few are good enough to do it, even then instead of studying these people, skeptics come up with excuses as to why these people are successful…

They claim these success stories are luck, or they were born with money or maybe there is some genetic difference between them and us, maybe they were ADD or autistic and testing wasn’t good enough back then, right?

Now Picture This!

You wake up in the morning, grab your cup of coffee and sit down at your desk, refreshed and ready to start the day! You open up one browser tab and you get caught up on all the relevant news links you need for US economy and the global economy. You then check your inbox which is clutter free and there is one email sitting there with the most up-to-date macro data and charts broken down for you so you know what's going on.

Next, you check on chart alerts that might have gone off while you were sleeping on different assets you have been tracking. You gather any additional info you need from your one source that has all the news from around the world, cross reference that data and make a decision on opening/closing/changing a position on that asset.

You get alerts of new 13F filings, FOMC meetings, Trade talks, earnings reports, premium data we pay thousands for and other important news drops throughout the day as you calmly navigate through these markets.

See when you know how markets work, you tend to be less stressed out and the fear of the future goes away, similar happens when your portfolio is diversified enough that you feel like no matter what the economic condition you will be ok. I used to say its like sleeping with a gun under your pillow, you feel that safe. That is the power of the basics!

After going out and looking at all the silly stuff I saw “the gurus” doing where it was all about overwhelm and blasting you all day long, I sought out to create the exact opposite! I started to look at investing through the lens of 80/20, meaning what are the small levers that will swing big doors for me? I then went out and built a community around that, and now for the first time we have opened that up to the public and inviting in like minded individuals like you!


12-Month Membership

Here Is Whats Included!

  • ​Daily Macro Economy Emails ($249 Value)
Everyday (M-F) we will email you out fresh data on not only the US economy but the global economy (EU, Hong Kong, China, South America) so you can take action on trending news! We also regularly talk digital currencies, stock market and macro strategy. This data will allow you to make moves days, weeks, even months ahead of the general public. Over 180 past emails for you to catch up on!
  • ​Access To Premium Discord Channels ($197 Value)
Get access to an additional 8 channels, from finance to fitness, macro economy to mindset, these channels are rich with over 24 months of history, conversation and pinned messages. You will also get access to our curated news feeds on Macro and Precious Metals! This is the only place you NEED to check each morning- After you read your daily email of course!
  • ​Quarterly Intelligence Reports ($997 Value)
The Empire Research team will deliver quarterly jam packed reports that you can take action on and profit from immediately, broken down in simple-to-follow fashion. We cover US Quarterly data, Equities & Options, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities (Gold & Silver) & overall Portfolio Strategy! (We drink our own koolaid and invest thousands per year in premium data and reports to bring you the very best!)

Currently there are the following reports:
  • Global Reset Report (60 pages)- Covering up till Q2 of US macro data and exploring future areas of growth
  • Q2 Gold Report (15 pages)- Breaking down ETF and physical holdings as well as price action and technicals on Gold
  • Q3 US Economy Report (36 pages)- Catching up on new Q3 GDP, store closings, Housing market, stock market, recession indicators and more!
  • ​Eurozone Report (14 pages)- A Deep dive into the current state of affairs in the EU debt crisis
  • ​Golden Week Report (8 pages)- Time sensitive report on the impacts of Chinas Golden week on markets
  • ​IPO Bubble Report (15 pages)- Investigative breakdown of the current state of the IPO frenzy and some of the fallout
  • 2020 Recession Cheatsheet - Highlighting the 6 quadrants you should focus on in order to prepare for any 2020 recession. 
  • The Everything Bubble (20 pages)- A deep dive into the US economy and all areas of current bubble risk which spread much further than yield curves and real estate. 
  • The Repo Report (11 pages)- Complete report on the Repo term interbank system that triggered QE4
  • US Economy: December Insights (13 pages)- Updated macro data for December after holiday sales data started coming in
  • Corporate Debt Bubble ( 13 pages)- An in-depth breakdown of the current corporate debt levels and one metric non of the doom & gloomers are talking about in regards to Corporate Debt levels. 
  • Premium Training & Members Area ($349 Value)
We have created a separate membership for our EIA members where we frequently update Quarterly Gold data, have an entire module on understanding market structure and cycles,  premium training programs like the Bulletproof Portfolio (1.0) and our Peak Performance For Entrepreneurs Course! Also you will get access to all of our sources where we dig up the data and charts to share with you! 
  •  BONUS #1: Quarterly Q&A Webinar ($297 Value)
  • BONUS #2: Flash Updates (Whenever important market events happen, we alert you)(PRICELESS)
  • ​BONUS #3: Exclusive discounts on future digital training and programs (PRICELESS)


ONLY: $997

NOW JUST: $365

Put this into perspective for a second, that is less than the cost of your regular Starbucks coffee or daily snack!

Lets look at this logically for a second, what if all Empire Intelligence did for you was remove the overwhelm and fear you currently have around the market? 

Wouldn't that be insanely valuable and from a health and mental sanity standpoint be worth more than a measly $365 bucks? 

You know some of the premium data reports we pay for cost $1,000 each! We subscribe to many data sources that cost us well over $5,000 per year! 

Let me make it even easier of a choice for you...

100% Risk Free

Money Back Guarantee
We'll take all the risk on this. 

If you don't feel that Empire Intelligence Membership is worth 10 times what you invested, drop us an email within 30 days of getting members access and we'll refund your $365. No questions asked. Fair enough?

Still Have Questions?

Answers To Your Questions

Why should I subscribe to Empire Intelligence?
Most "investors" aren't investors at all, they are in fact glorified gamblers, who are letting other peoples bias make the decisions for them and due to cognitive dissonance they are agreeing with what this trusted authority is telling them to do. They rip open the latest Agora newsletter mailed to them, read how pot penny stocks just earned 13,414% and they immediately go buy 10,000 shares! 

The reason why most investors do this is because they don't actually understand how markets work, the structure to them and how the cycles work. They want to make extra money and they want to feel in control of their investment decisions. The average investor does worse then if they just held Gold. 

This yearly membership is designed to help you cut down on time to research and stay up on the macro economy indicators that matter most, but also bring you data and training to expand your thinking on how markets work. All of this will have a bottom line, measurable benefit to your portfolio in the long run as you are reprogramming out bias for objective data and understanding how markets work at a deeper level. Confidence is key with investing and when its your own confidence created by a deeper understanding paired with a solid portfolio strategy, you become truly a great investor. 

Plus we currently spend over $5,000 per year on premium data and statistics that we bring to you everyday in emails and reports, this alone covers the cost and some if you were to go out and do this on your own. 

How is this any different from other investment newsletters?
We pride ourselves in NOT being an investment newsletter in the traditional sense that we are all used to seeing it. Our primary focus is in gathering data, organizing it and bringing that to you, not trying to be gurus and directing you on your portfolio decisions- we leave that up to you. Most investment offers focus on great copywriters and have very little substance, we are the exact opposite, we focus mostly on the data and presenting that in a way that tells the story without us having to interject too much of our bias. 

Now in our Discord community we do inject more of our bias and theory as to the macro moves that are happening in this giant game of chess. You will not only find unique data in here that saves you time and money but organized in a way for you to take best action based on your portfolio setup. We feel that is what's most important.
Is there a certain amount of money I should start with?
A certain amount of money isn't required at all with investing, you hear success stories all the time of someone who started out with $100 and turned it into X amount of Y period of time. I would say whats most important is to sick and tired of where you are at currently, being sick and tired of being sick and tired is a pretty powerful energy to leverage for fast growth. 

We have people with a net worth of millions and those living in a rented condo with a few hundred extra to invest, no matter what level you are at right now, its more about applying the data and strategies we have created to make better decisions in the long run. Remember we are playing the long ball and over a span of 100s of years, the metrics and how you measure are quite different. 
What if I already have an active portfolio, how valuable is this to someone like me?
You should find it extremely valuable because at your level of play its about refining what you already have and any little tweak could be worth huge amounts of future earnings for you. At this level its also important to increase your awareness towards your bias and beliefs and constantly challenge them in order to ensure you are always making the best decisions for your portfolio! This second set of eyes and viewpoint will again prove to be invaluable to your long term. 
How is this product delivered?
This product is delivered 100% digital, you will get 24-7 access to Empire Intelligence membership area where all the training and bonuses are arranged in a way for best consumption. 
Now that all of your questions are answered, you see that you can now join a community of like minded individuals all striving to build their own EMPIRE! Plus you have the 30-day refund policy if you don't like things once you get started.

Remember All It Takes Is ONE TRADE

to set you free.

Remember, you're just One Trade Away!

To get started just click the "SUBSCRIBE TO EMPIRE NOW!" button above. Once you complete your purchase you're off to the races. 

You'll get INSTANT ACCESS to the Empire Intelligence Membership

I suggest you dive in as soon as you setup your login details while you are still hot and excited about this. You can be up and running with a smarter strategy in minutes!

I hope you're as excited as I am. 

This is where it all starts. Now it's your turn.
P.S Remember with Empire Intelligence Membership, you get 12 months of access to daily macro emails, the bonus Discord community fully unlocked, quarterly GDP and specialty reports, quarterly Q&A webinars and 24-hr access to your secure members area!

Besides that we teach you the fundamentals of how ALL markets work so you can quickly spot what part of the market cycle the asset is in, quickly set trade alerts or buy and get back to your life. 

The way I see it, you have 2 choices...
1. Dig your head in the sand and go back to what you were doing before, knowing that your performance will probably continue to be average. 
2. Join a community of like minded individuals all striving for the same thing, lower your stress and become a more confident investor starting right now!
Just click the button above right now to get started! 

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